Can Bad Posture Cause Back Pain? – By Dr. Niraj Vora

Yes. Bad Posture is one of the leading causes of the Back Pain. If you are an adult and you are suffering from pain in your back, there is 70% chance that your back pain is caused by poor posture and lack of movement in your daily activities.

On the rise:

Back pain has always been the most common cause of concern for older adults, but not anymore. Today’s 25-year-olds are suffering from back problems that are normally seen in older adults double their age. A more concerning fact is that there has been an exponential increase in the percentage of back pain cases every year and the millennials (age 18-35) form the majority of these cases.

But why this sudden increase in the back pain cases among millennials?

Understanding the back and the posture:

Twenty four (24) small bones (Vertebrae) put together by ligaments and soft tissue is what a spine in the back is made up of. This back follows a natural curve pattern with three curves near the neck, upper back and lower back helping in evenly distributing your weight when you adhere to a correct posture.

A correct posture maintains the natural curve of the spine and results in proper alignment of the bones whereas an incorrect posture creates an imbalance causing stress on the back, preventing an optimal functioning of the body. If these improper postures are adopted by children at an early age, they cause a significant strain developing into a back pain over time.

Take the majority of millennials for example. They are the first generation to grow up with all the comforts of computers and mobile phones at their whim. The child who used to sit for hours in front of the desktop during their school years can be found slouching on his laptop 40 hours a week as an adult. As soon he completes his work you can find him hunched over his mobile phone or an IPad for another 20 hours in the week. Thus for the major part of the day, an average techie is bent forward in front of the monitor with a curled back, affirming to an improper posture that is harmful to his back and neck. This improper posture that he has been adopting for years when coupled with lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle accelerates the wear and tear of his back.

As they rely even more and more on laptops and smartphones in the years to come, this condition is bound to deteriorate unless the preventive measures are taken right away. But the good thing is that you can easily alleviate your back pain using some basic exercises and adhering to a proper posture recommended by experts.

Next up: Three exercises that can help you reduce your back pain!

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