Common Causes of Chronic Knee Pain by Dr Niraj Vora

A debilitating or burning long term pain in any one or both the knees is said to be a chronic knee pain, causes of which are determined by the symptoms and signs, which are experienced. Women are more susceptible to chronic knee pain than men, due to various causes, that are different for each person. The most common chronic knee pain causes, according to dr. niraj vora, one of the Best Knee Replacement Consultants Mumbai, are discussed below:
1. Rheumatoid Arthritis – The bone and the cartilage within the knee joint is destroyed, when the synovium (a membrane surrounding the knee joints), is attacked by the immune system, leading to swelling and pain.
2. Osteoarthritis – This happens when the cartilage protecting the bones, wears away due to reasons like time and the various natures of activities.
3. Dislocation of Knee Cap – Dislocation of the patella is generally associated with sports injury, and is one of the most Common Causes of Knee Pain. It may take 5 to 6 weeks for this type of chronic knee pain cure, according to the opinion of the Best Knee Replacement Doctors in Mumbai.
4. Knee Bursitis – Knee Bursitis is a result of a trauma to the knee, causes of which include frequent falls, direct injury, or prolonged pressure to the knee. This results in friction between the knee bones, when the synovial fluid fails to lubricate the muscles, tendons and tissues inside the knee joints.
5. Tear of the Meniscus – The Meniscus is a cartilage within the knee joint, which is a shock absorber, acting as a cushion for minimizing the pressure on the knee joint. When the Meniscus is injured, debilitating pain is experienced within the knee joint.
6. Common Tendonitis and its Treatment – When the tendon, which is a tissue, attaching the muscles to the bone, is injured, severe pain develops within the knee joint. Symptoms include worsening of pain while climbing stairs.
Other common chronic knee pain causes, include anterior cruciate ligament injury, fractures and runners knee. Best treatment options for replacement of the knee joint is available in Mumbai, where the best Knee replacement surgeon in mumbai, like dr. niraj vora, is available for consultation, as well as getting a knee replacement surgery overview. You can take the opinion of any joint knee replacement surgeon in mumbai, so that the recovery period is minimized. For contacting Dr. Niraj Vora, the best knee replacement specialist in Mumbai, you can visit Dr Niraj Vora – Best Knee Surgeon in Mumbai.

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