Dr Niraj L Vora, a Specialist in Trauma Surgeries

Dr Niraj L Vora, M.B.B.S, M.S. (Orth), M.R.C.S (Edln) is a famous orthopaedic specialist based at Mumbai, known for his efficient treatment of health ailments related to joint Replacement (Hip & Knee) and Trauma (broken bone/fracture). He has spent more than 15 years in learning the advanced techniques in Trauma and Hip & Knee replacement. He is well versed with the use of Computer Assisted Navigation, Hip Resurfacing and “High Flexion” Knee Replacement.

Growing age has adverse effects on human body bone structure like decreased bone mineral density, balance issues and muscle weakness. In few cases, it subsequently follows a fracture either in hip or knees in some patients. A trauma (fracture/broken bone) surgery is necessary for people who are facing such problems as it may even result in causing death or end the mobility factor. A Trauma surgery is generally recommended for patients who are suffering from fractures. The procedures followed for such cases are either Open Reduction and Internal Fixation or an Open Reduction and External Fixation. The type of surgery depends upon the location and type of fracture.

Highly experienced in trauma surgeries for varieties of fractures like bone weakening diseases (Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia), injuries, prolonged stress from overuse, Dr.Niraj L Vora has performed many successful trauma surgeries. He is known as one of the best trauma surgeons in Mumbai. He operates his services through Bellevue Multispecialty Hospital, situated in Mumbai.

He has obtained extensive training in UK and obtained Dr. Anand Pardhy prize, Dr. M. V. Sant Prize and Dr. Dipak Kothari Gold medal for his excellent performance in the Orthopaedics examinations. His generosity and hospitality towards patients while treating and diagnosing reflects in growing number of patients choosing him for their trauma surgeries.

People, who are suffering from severe broken bones/fracture problems, can feel free to approach Dr Niraj L Vora by submitting your query at http://www.drnirajvora.com/contact.html.

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