Dr Niraj Vora : Be Careful When You Hold or Carry Your Child’s Hand

By following some safety tips for child care, you can ensure that your child does not feel discomfort when hold by their hands when at errands or at play. There are different ways of holding your child’s hands and all depends upon the age of the baby, whether an infant or a toddler.

If you are conscious about child care and protection, the first and foremost thing you should realize while holding the hands of a baby is to be careful about the position of the baby, as, suddenly lifting the baby lying on its back by pulling his hands with yours may lead to severe damage to the tender tissues, bones and muscles. Keep in mind that while holding onto your child’s hands you may be taking risk of causing permanent injury of the baby and cause harm to the physical development of the baby. Going through child care guidelines which elaborately tell about how to hold on to your baby’s arms, you will be able to prevent any damage to the tissues and cartilages of the baby which in turn may turn into disablement in the near future.

Certain child care tips provided by Dr. Niraj Vora, joint replacement specialist india, will help in taking preventive steps to cause injury to the tender arms of the baby and thereby reduce the risk of any injury to the bones and joints. It is not wise to pull up a baby while holding on to the hands or to swing a toddler by the arms just for pleasure, or even jerk the arms of a baby and make the baby roll over in an awkward way, as a slight pull may endanger injury to muscles and tissues, which in the long run may aggravate into something you did not expect.

These are the observations made by the eminent orthopedic surgeon for joint replacement surgery . It is absolutely important to take care of holding your child’s arms at various postures because you may be unknowingly injuring the baby accidentally, which may at some times lead to permanent disablement. Cultural diversity in carrying a child in arms is one of the causes of accidental injury to a baby in arms or even a toddler, and it is time to give a hard thought on how to hold on to a baby by the hands as suggested by Dr. Niraj Vora, joint replacement specialist Mumbai.

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