Joint Aspiration Procedure (Arthrocentesis)

We all know what injections are, isn’t it? If a person has not heard of arthrocentesis before, they might be surprised to know that there are injections made for a person’s joints as well. The injection is a joint injection and the procedure is known as joint aspiration. So what does a joint aspiration do? 

What is joint aspiration?

Joint aspiration is also known as joint drainage and in medical terms, it is known as arthrocentesis. Joint aspiration is the way by which a sterile needle and syringe are used in draining out all of the synovial fluid from the joints of a patient.

These joints are commonly the ones of the knees, elbows, ankles, or hips of a person. After the removal of the fluid, medication is inserted into the joint with the help of a needle and this medication helps the person getting relieved from any kind of inflammation or pain. 

What is the procedure of a joint aspiration? 

 joint aspiration procedure is a very simple process and any person going in for a joint aspiration does not have to be prepared in any special way. It is a procedure that can easily be performed by a good orthopedic surgeon in his office or a hospital. Firstly, the skin of the patient where the needle of the injection has to be inserted is cleaned thoroughly with an iodine solution commonly known as Betadine. 

Then the surgeon will make sure to use a local anesthetic in the area of the joint onto the skin of the patient or under it to ensure that pain is minimized as much as possible. The anesthesia can be either injected in the area or the surgeon might just use a topical liquid coolant. In many cases, a surgeon can use both if they want to. 

After that, the joint injection is slowly inserted within the joint. A patient might feel a little amount of pain when the needle gets inserted into their joint. Then the joint fluid is drawn back with the help of suction into the syringe. This withdrawal, however, does not cause any pain to the patient. 

After this is done, an injection containing medication will be inserted again in the joint of a person which does not cause much pain. However, this is only because of the local anesthetic that is used by the surgeon to reduce the pain of the entire procedure. Otherwise, the pain might have been a little unbearable. After the medication is injected, a band-aid or a dressing is applied at the point of entry. 

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