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Knee arthritis an extremely common condition where one can notice an inflammation in the area of the knee joint, where two bones come together. While arthritis can affect almost any part of the entire body, the knee is the most common target of the condition. Moreover, the arthritis in the knee can be either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or maybe even both.

It is the suffering from arthritis that needs to be dealt with as early as possible. To do that, one must be able to recognize the symptoms of knee arthritis and then he or she can consult a doctor who is proficient in curing arthritis in the knee. Consulting eminent doctors like Dr Niraj Vora is always the best approach. He has been in this field for a long time and knows what needs to be done and how. To help you recognize knee arthritis, some of the more common symptoms of the issue have been listed below:

Some major symptoms of knee arthritis

  1. Swelling and sensitiveness- If you have arthritis in the knee then you are most likely to experience inflammation or swelling, periodically. This happens due to the production and accumulation of extra fluids in the knee and the presence of osteophytes there. These swellings are more likely to be discovered after a prolonged period of inactive state. Also, the skin around your knee may be sensitive to touch – may feel warm.


  1. Locking and Buckling of Joint – With the passing of time, arthritis in the knee may weaken the muscles around your knee, eventually causing it to become weak. This can cause the entire joint system of your knee to become unstable and weak. This symptom is called buckling and the weakness in the knees may cause this. Sometimes, you may even face locking of the knee. In other words, you shall find great difficulty in straightening your knee and leg. This is called locking.


  1. Increase in pain– Arthritis causes pain and this pain can be felt in the knee if it is case of knee arthritis. The pain can increase gradually or at once. The former case is more prevalent. Sitting in a particular position, long periods of inactivity, climbing stairs, damp and moist weathers can make the knee hurt.


  1. Knee deformity– As apparent as it may seem, there is always a superficial deformity that appears when it comes to conditions like these. With knee arthritis, it’s the same. From minor deformities to extremely noticeable ones, arthritis can cause your knees to bend outwards, or even inwards. It is easily noticeable for people who are aware.


  1. Hindered motion– Arthritis can and will restrict your range of motion and make it difficult for you to make your knees function optimally. It makes generic movements difficult. OA causes the cartilages to wear away and the condition worsens. This hindered motion can be experienced while climbing a ladder or stairs or while indulging in physical training and sports.


  1. Sound- It is not uncommon for a person suffering from knee arthritis to hear uneasy sound coming from the knees. It may sound quite similar to cracking or popping and is made due to the grinding and the gliding of the knee.

These are a few symptoms that people suffering from arthritis of developing arthritis face. If you are facing these Arthritis Symptoms then go see a doctor immediately.

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