Mrs. Patricia Alder – Right Knee Replacement | Dr Niraj Vora Reviews

I had been experiencing terrible knee pain for many years and the pain had been progressively getting worse. In 2016, I met a few doctors and all opined the same thing. I needed a Total Knee Replacement (TKR). Almost all the doctors suggested that I lose 20 kilos before the surgery in order for it to go smoothly. Now, I am 70 years old, diabetic and very overweight. Diet I could manage, but exercise was not something I could do, I could barely walk.

I was also afraid. I had heard horror stories of people who underwent Knee Replacement Surgery, had severe pain, never recovered, and were either bedridden or unable to walk unaided. For 6 months, I avoided any mention or decision on the surgery.

In March 2017, at the insistence of my children, I re-visited the idea that I may need surgery, as by then the pain was unbearable. I was more or less leading a sedentary life and even stepping out once a week was an ordeal. I had become a prisoner of my pain.

In March 2017, I made my first appointment with Dr. Niraj Vora at Bellevue Hospital in Mumbai, and he operated on my Right Knee in May 2017.

From that first meeting itself, he made me feel comfortable, answered all my questions and addressed all my children’s concerns. He did not think my weight was an issue and was completely empathetic to my situation. He explained the entire process of the surgery. He was straightforward and transparent about the pain, the after care and the entire process. He put me at ease completely.

During the surgery, he kept me in amused with his humor and before you knew it, I was being wheeled out to my room. The surgery was painless. Post-surgery he saw me every day that I was in hospital and had his super attentive team look in on me – his assistant Dr. Rahul Agarwal, Sarika Gajjar, the ever-smiling Physiotherapist and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Nitin Bhorkar, who held my hand throughout the surgery. He kept my spirits up and he assured me that I would walk out of the hospital, which I did! He arranged for the daily post-operative physiotherapy with Divya Sharma, who got me up and running in no time.

Today 3 months post-surgery, I have no pain, am very independent in my activities, I am able to walk with absolutely no difficulty and have even lost weight. My life has taken a complete 180-degree turnaround.

You will always have more reasons not to do Total Knee Replacement (TKR) than to do it.

Dr. Niraj Vora is the reason you should do it, blindly.

My family and I are extremely grateful to him for all that he has done.

Dr. Niraj, may you always be as kind and as funny and may you continue to work your magic to turn people’s lives around.

May God Always Bless You.
Patricia Alder