Types of Tendonitis and Treatment

The causes of tendonitis, according Dr Niraj Vora to one of the Best Orthopedic sSurgeon from Mumbai, include poor warming, or stretching before any physical activity like sports, poorly or abnormally placed joint or bone in any part of the human body, thyroid disorders, overuse of the tendons, and infection, which may be rare. Read […]

Causes for Inner Thigh Pain – Dr Niraj Vora

Dr Niraj Vora, Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai, explain different causes that may cause inner thigh pain. Muscular Strains or Groin Pulls are common for causing pain in the inner thigh because of the adductor muscles of the thigh becoming strained due to activities like kicking, jumping, running or similar activities. Read More..

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

When non surgical treatment methods for getting relief from debilitating stiffness and pain of the shoulder yields little or no result, the only option can be a surgical process that includes shoulder replacement surgery. You can take solace from the words of Dr Niraj Vora, who you can say as the doyen of shoulder replacement […]

Common Causes of Chronic Knee Pain by Dr Niraj Vora

A debilitating or burning long term pain in any one or both the knees is said to be a chronic knee pain, causes of which are determined by the symptoms and signs, which are experienced. Women are more susceptible to chronic knee pain than men, due to various causes, that are different for each person. […]

Occupational Therapy for Wrist Fracture By Dr. Niraj Vora

The specific needs of rehabilitation of a patient who has suffered a broken wrist depend upon several factors such as the nature of injury, any assistance that can be available at home, whether it is the dominant hand, and the job expectations. These factors are taken into account when undergoing occupational therapy for wrist fractures, […]

How to Treat the Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can happen any time and can be a spoil sport for sports persons, and can sometimes be such a debilitating one, that can ruin one’s career. Injuries can affect any part of the body while in action and can sometimes be serious, as opined by Dr. Niraj vora, specialist in sports injuries treatment. […]

Musculoskeletal problems in children By Dr. Niraj Vora

It is true that people aged 70 and above are more prone to musculoskeletal diseases due to degeneration of bones and muscular tissues, but this problem cannot e ruled out for children. Although a negligible percentage of children are affected by musculoskeletal diseases, the main cause of such problem is obesity. Studies have shown that […]

Understand and Recognize the Ways in which Trauma Affects Children

Children have a sensitive mind, therefore it is mandatory to know what is going within their head to treat it from the core area. If your little one is suffering from trauma, then you have to take help of trauma specialists for some immediate response. They will definitely identify the problem behind mental stress first […]

Dr Niraj Vora : Be Careful When You Hold or Carry Your Child’s Hand

By following some safety tips for child care, you can ensure that your child does not feel discomfort when hold by their hands when at errands or at play. There are different ways of holding your child’s hands and all depends upon the age of the baby, whether an infant or a toddler. If you […]

Dr Niraj Vora : How Can People Prevent Knee Problems?

A large majority of people do not have a clear idea about how to prevent knee problems. Wrong postures, wrong methods of doing exercise, and dietary deficiencies can make the knee bone brittle, and prone to multiple injuries. Some aged patients suffer from acute weight gain, and they put pressure unevenly on their knees. They […]