How to Treat the Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can happen any time and can be a spoil sport for sports persons, and can sometimes be such a debilitating one, that can ruin one’s career. Injuries can affect any part of the body while in action and can sometimes be serious, as opined by Dr. Niraj vora, specialist in sports injuries treatment. […]

Musculoskeletal problems in children By Dr. Niraj Vora

It is true that people aged 70 and above are more prone to musculoskeletal diseases due to degeneration of bones and muscular tissues, but this problem cannot e ruled out for children. Although a negligible percentage of children are affected by musculoskeletal diseases, the main cause of such problem is obesity. Studies have shown that […]

Understand and Recognize the Ways in which Trauma Affects Children

Children have a sensitive mind, therefore it is mandatory to know what is going within their head to treat it from the core area. If your little one is suffering from trauma, then you have to take help of trauma specialists for some immediate response. They will definitely identify the problem behind mental stress first […]

Dr Niraj Vora : Be Careful When You Hold or Carry Your Child’s Hand

By following some safety tips for child care, you can ensure that your child does not feel discomfort when hold by their hands when at errands or at play. There are different ways of holding your child’s hands and all depends upon the age of the baby, whether an infant or a toddler. If you […]

Dr Niraj Vora : How Can People Prevent Knee Problems?

A large majority of people do not have a clear idea about how to prevent knee problems. Wrong postures, wrong methods of doing exercise, and dietary deficiencies can make the knee bone brittle, and prone to multiple injuries. Some aged patients suffer from acute weight gain, and they put pressure unevenly on their knees. They […]

How to Resume Your Normal Activities After a Joint Replacement Surgery?

It is generally not very difficult to resume your normal activities after a joint replacement surgery. Dr. Niraj Vora, an eminent knee replacement surgeon and joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai advises his patients to follow a proper diet, posture, walking gait and room temperature after reaching their homes post operation. Some of the common remedial […]

Patient Reviews about Dr. Niraj Vora by DocSuggest Users

A doctor is a person whom you trust when any uneasiness or mishap happens from health point of view that can either be simple to complex level. You trust him for your healthiness and achieving recovery from any state of ill-health. Not all doctors are open to give you that edge of comfortability and relaxation […]

Dr Niraj Vora – Importance of Postoperative Rehabilitation

Revival times may vary depending on the individual and type of post operative rehabilitation for knee surgery that is carried out. It is essential to pursue the guidance of the hospital that takes care after your knee surgery. Your post operative rehabilitation for knee will be individualized depending on the process performed, your specialist’s protocols, and your […]

Dr Niraj Vora Reveals What to Expect After Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is the most common joint replacement procedure for replacing the diseased hip joints with artificial material. Hip replacement surgery is performed by an expert surgeon who has the perfect understanding about the anatomy of the hip. Hip arthritis is found in many patients, but it is quite difficult to quickly arrive at […]

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Dr Niraj Vora Liked by 100 People on Facebook People from various countries like Dr Niraj Vora’s Facebook page. Below is the location overview of the People who like the Official Dr Niraj Vora’s page on Facebook. Countries 80 India 9 United States of America 2 United Kingdom 2 Singapore 2 Sri Lanka 2 Bangladesh […]