What is Orthopaedic Trauma? Conditions and Treatment by Dr Niraj Vora

Orthopedic diseases are common. This medical branch deals with bone and muscle diseases. At some point in life, people go through bone decay, muscle pains, and many other related problems. Some people invite such problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle and others face orthopedic issues because of age-related problems. But what do we call it when a severe orthopedic problem appears suddenly, due to an accident, a fall, or while playing a sport?

We call it an orthopedic trauma when a sudden orthopedic injury occurs. It is referred to as any serious injury or damage to bones, ligaments, muscles, or soft tissues caused by an unexpected incident. When you face an orthopedic problem that occurs gradually, you also need a gradual and slow treatment to cure it. On the other hand, an orthopedic trauma needs to be treated immediately as soon as it happens.

Orthopedic trauma can be avoided if you remain conscious and careful. Here are some tips that can help you in avoiding orthopedic trauma.

  • Wear a seatbelt to reduce injury if an accident happens
  • Wear a helmet if you ride a bike
  • Wear pads and other safety gear while participating in sports
  • Avoid wearing high heels and wear comfortable shoes to move freely, and avoid tipping over
  • Exercise daily to keep your bones and muscles strong and joints flexible. You can easily avoid severe injury by exercising as your body becomes capable of handling pressure.

However, these are some common situations that can help you avoid orthopedic trauma. Many other circumstances may occur that can result in orthopedic trauma. You should immediately consult an expert orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai in such situations.

For Mumbai based patients, the best option is to consult Dr. Niraj Vora, an orthopedic surgeon. He is well-known and trusted as an orthopedic trauma surgeon in Mumbai.

His expertise as a total knee replacement surgeon is unparalleled within the medical industry. Knee and hip are the two most common spots of orthopedic trauma.

There are a few types of orthopedic trauma that can happen.

  • A broken bone that can’t be seen from outside
  • A broken bone that is visible externally
  • Hairline crack in the bone and minor fractures
  • Dislocation of joints
  • Overuse injuries

The only duty of the patient is to consult an orthopedic trauma surgeon. Orthopedic trauma surgeons are experts in identifying the problem and proposing the best solution.

Medical science has come a long way and body part replacements are also possible. In the cases of orthopedic trauma, knee and hip injuries are common. Therefore, you must find out the best knee replacement surgeon and hip replacement surgeon. Now, the doctor who effortlessly does such difficult operations can easily solve any other orthopedic trauma injuries.

The best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai is Dr. Niraj Vora who is not only a specialist but an experienced doctor. He is an eminent and reliable doctor in the orthopedic industry. Therefore, when the best option is right there what other options do your need to cure your orthopedic trauma injury?