Hip Abductor Tear Causes and Symptoms

Do you feel a sharp pain on the outside of your hip, causing you to face problems while walking? These could be the signs of a torn hip abductor. Hence, damage to the specimen that moves the leg away from the body is therefore very incapacitating and can adversely interfere with mobility and the quality […]

Diagnostic Techniques for Hip Synovial Membrane Issues

Hip synovial membrane issues involve inflammation, tears, or other abnormalities affecting the synovial membrane, a thin lining that surrounds the hip joint. A synovial membrane is a thin lining that surrounds the hip joint and is responsible for lubrication and nourishment of the joint. The most frequent issues are inflammation of the synovium, synovial cysts, […]

Hip Avulsion Fracture Treatment in Mumbai

Hip avulsion is a rare and severe fracture, usually suffered by athletes. While it can happen to anyone, this fracture occurs due to a sudden burst of movement or forceful contraction. Athletes, due to their nature of movement, are at a higher risk. The treatment for hip avulsion fractures, like every other fracture, varies based […]

Challenges Faced by Elderly Individuals in Knee Surgery

For our beloved grandparents grappling with the burden of osteoarthritis, undergoing knee surgery can make a significant difference in their everyday lives. This surgical procedure can be the difference between debilitating daily pain and embracing a life free from constant discomfort. For the elderly, knee surgery can be a truly transformative experience that grants them […]

Hip Tendonitis Causes and Treatment

Hip tendinitis is a painful hip condition commonly suffered by athletes and sportsmen. It starts as a sharp, dull, or aching pain, and hip tendinitis may worsen with movements like walking, running, or climbing stairs. Over time, the pain may also manifest at rest, accompanied by swelling, tenderness, muscle weakness, and stiffness of the hip […]

What is Synovectomy Knee Surgery | Dr Niraj Vora

A Synovectomy is a surgical procedure that is used to treat Synovitis, an inflammatory condition that causes knee joint damage & disability, chronic pain, limits knee function, and eventual destruction of joint. “Yes, a simple inflammation can eventually cause permanent and irreversible damage to the knee when not treated. Synovectomy is a surgical procedure that […]

4 Proven Tips to Reduce Knee Pain in Old Age

Knee pain has to be the most common concern among older adults worldwide. Every man and woman in their senior adulthood are bound to experience and encounter a variety of knee pain along the way. The majority suffer in silence, and few make efforts to get them sorted unsuccessfully. Knee pain becomes the major hindrance […]

Treatment of the Infected Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is a prevalent intervention that aims to mitigate discomfort in the hip region and enhance physical movement capabilities. In certain instances, the hip replacement may encounter an infection that can result in notable discomfort and potentially grave complications. This article will delve into the remedial measures for a contaminated hip replacement and […]

Hip/Femoral Anteversion: Causes and Treatment

Femoral anteversion (Hip Anteversion) is a condition in which the angle between the thigh bone (femur) and the neck of the femur is increased, causing the thigh bone to rotate inward. This inward rotation can cause the legs and feet to turn inward as well, resulting in a condition known as “in-toeing.” It is a […]

Tibiofemoral Dislocation Symptoms and Treatment

Tibia is the major part of the lower leg and the femur is the upper thigh bone, both together form the knee joint. Yes, the Tibiofemoral joint is the medical term for the knee joint and the Tibiofemoral dislocation in common terms is the knee joint dislocation. The knee joint is the strongest joint in […]