How Can People Prevent Knee Problems? | Dr Niraj Vora

Knee Pain

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A large majority of people do not have a clear idea about how to prevent knee problems. Wrong postures, wrong methods of doing exercise, and dietary deficiencies can make the knee bone brittle, and prone to multiple injuries. Some aged patients suffer from acute weight gain, and they put pressure unevenly on their knees.

They do not have any idea of how to prevent knee problems in old age.


Certain regular tips and methods which you can follow:

  • The body weight should be maintained properly to avoid osteoarthritis or any other bone-related problems.
  • The alignment of shoes, fingers and toes of feet should be taken care of, in order to avoid knee related problems.
  • Swimming or brick walking can be the best alternative to in house gymming exercise. If you wonder about how to relieve knee problems then you can also maintain weight training exercises under the close supervision of a fitness expert.
  • While you do any movement like walking, turning around or doing hardcore exercises, you must not change your direction suddenly, because that can have an adverse effect on the alignment of your knee bones and knee-cap.

Chronic pains and injuries: how to avoid them?

It is easy to take care of the preventive methods, before your knees are damaged finally. If you want to know how to prevent knee problems, then there are certain restrictions with regard to your sports and weight training activities. For instance, the quality of running shoe that you wear must be good enough for shock absorption. In case of trekking or hiking, you can use special hiking poles and shoes to prevent injury to your knees.

Exercises where you have to endure weight, versus all those exercises where you must avoid weight are the ideal measures which can help you in knee problem prevention.

knee problems

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Taking care of the muscles around the knees:

Along with the bones, it is equally important to take care of the hip and the thigh muscles and the muscles adjacent to the knees, to prevent any injury or bone or joint dislocation. If you have certain knee problem symptoms like chronic pain in the knees, a prolonged swelling, burning or itching sensation around the knee area, then you must not waste time to consult renowned and experienced orthopaedic surgeons. In fact, there are stretching, strengthening and medicinal ways that can reduce your knee problems permanently.