Hip Tendonitis Causes and Treatment

Hip tendinitis is a painful hip condition commonly suffered by athletes and sportsmen. It starts as a sharp, dull, or aching pain, and hip tendinitis may worsen with movements like walking, running, or climbing stairs. Over time, the pain may also manifest at rest, accompanied by swelling, tenderness, muscle weakness, and stiffness of the hip joint. When not promptly treated by a hip specialist or orthopaedic surgeon, the condition may gradually worsen, leading to chronic pain, painful tendon rupture, and even arthritis in some cases.

“Surprisingly, hip tendinitis is not only reserved for athletes. Even common people can suffer from hip tendonitis, primarily due to repetitive stress on the hip joint. Everyone can be at risk of this painful condition,” says leading hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai and hip tendinitis specialist, Dr. Niraj Vora.