How to resume your normal activities after a joint surgery?

It is generally not very difficult to resume your normal activities after a joint replacement surgery. Dr. Niraj Vora, an eminent knee replacement surgeon and joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai advises his patients to follow a proper diet, posture, walking gait and room temperature after reaching their homes post operation.

Some of the common remedial methods are:

  • According to top orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai the patient should keep proper track of the body temperature and he/she should notify the doctor in case of chest pain, swelling or itchiness on the calf and knees, and in case of breathing problems.
  • All the medications should be taken properly, and as suggested by the Knee replacement surgeon or the joint replacement specialist, the patients should take all the precautions to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the artificial joints after a knee or hip replacement surgery.

Dietary restrictions:

According to the best knee replacement surgeon Dr.Niraj Vora in Mumbai, patients should avoid cauliflower, broccoli, soybean oil, lentils, kale, cabbage and onion, and especially all those foods which contain a high concentration of vitamin K. they should void smoking, alcoholic drinks altogether.

Bearing weight:

Knee replacement surgery and joint replacement surgery makes it inevitable for the patients to reduce their weight, and discuss with their specialized physicians about the amount of weight which they can bear.

Driving and other activities:

The best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai Dr. Niraj Laxmikant Vora, opines that the patients can resume their driving and other activities after eight weeks onwards, and especially when they are no longer taking any narcotic pain-relief medication. Sitting and sleeping positions will be controlled accordingly.

Returning to work:

Patients can return to work after eight weeks. But it is generally advisable for them not to put an excess pressure on their joints. Dancing, biking, cooking can be done, but taking excess weight of more than forty pounds is generally not recommended.