Nonsurgical Treatments for Hip Arthritis in Mumbai India

The hip is one of the strongest and most stable joints in the body that bears our body weight while we walk, stand, run, sit and perform our physical activities. Being a ball and socket joint it is extremely flexible and allows a large range of motion while also providing stability. And even a stable and strong hip joint can get hit by the arthritis condition be it osteoarthritis (more common), rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis (less common).

The term hip arthritis itself sounds like a call for hip surgery but it is not always so. “When hip arthritis is caught early in its tracks, non-surgical treatments can help treat the hip arthritis problems”, says Dr. Niraj Vora, top joint replacement surgeon and hip specialist in Mumbai. In this blog here we give you a basic idea about hip arthritis and non-surgical hip arthritis treatment in Mumbai that can work in reducing the pain and arthritis progression:

Healthy Weight Loss:  Remember how we talked about the hip being the body weight-bearing joint that forms the bases and plays a crucial role in every physical movement? Yes, your extra weight can wear out your hip join worsening the symptoms and accelerating the arthritis progression. Losing your extra weight can ease the burden on your hip joint which is why orthopaedists and the joint specialist recommended healthy weight loss with exercise and regular physical activity.

Exercise & Physical Activity: Exercise increasing pain and joint stiffness is one of the most common misconceptions among the elderly, understandably so. Intensive exercise does increase the risk of pain but right low impact exercises that are recommended by specialists do improve flexibility, strength while reducing your body weight when done consistently. We advise you to consult an experienced orthopaedist and joint specialist to help you chart out the right exercise program based on your hip condition.

Physical Therapy: While healthy weight management and exercise come under preventive steps that can be performed on your own, physical therapy is an active treatment procedure that must be performed by experts. From helping you with the right posture and physical movements for your condition to the usage of external support devices, a physical therapist can teach you the right way to go about your hip condition with the common goal of increasing mobility and joint health while reducing the pain.

Medications:  Alongside physical therapy, exercise and healthy weight management, the right medications can prove to be an efficient way to reduce joint pain and joint inflammation. In addition to oral medications, health care providers also recommend steroid injections to reduce the pain and swelling of the joints temporarily. However, medications, exercise, healthy weight management and physical therapy can only work in mild and moderate cases of hip arthritis if the patients even after adhering to all the above methods experience joint pain and swelling and reduced mobility then hip replacement surgery could be the only solution to solve the hip joint problems. However, only an expert joint replacement surgeon can recommend your treatment option for hip arthritis. If you are in Mumbai and are looking for hip arthritis treatment in Mumbai we advise you to consult a top joint replacement surgeon and hip arthritis doctor in Mumbai Dr. Niraj Vora