Patient Reviews about Dr. Niraj Vora by DocSuggest Users

A doctor is a person whom you trust when any uneasiness or mishap happens from health point of view that can either be simple to complex level. You trust him for your healthiness and achieving recovery from any state of ill-health. Not all doctors are open to give you that edge of comfortability and relaxation point to make you feel relaxed and friendly. Most of the doctors happen to be commercialized and provide healthcare as a mere business than a service. As many say a doctor is equal and next to God as he gives saves your life.

Dr Niraj Vora is a Specialist in Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgeries with special focus on Orthopedic and trauma surgeries, Hip Replacement (both primary and revision), Primary & Revision Knee replacement and High Flexion Rotating Knee Replacement. He is orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai who is in good demand for his hospitality and generosity in his treatments and temperaments. You can always Consult Dr Niraj Vora by booking your appointment through DocSuggest. DocSuggest empowers people to search and find the best suited healthcare facilities, make informed decisions and take care of health in the most comfy manner. With just a couple of years old, DocSuggest team creators have big plans for future. With a network of more than 14,000 doctors, DocSuggest is growing faster and will be more accessible than before to anyone anywhere.

Some of the Patient Reviews by verified DocSuggest users:

Soma Chowdhury about Dr Niraj Vora – ★★★★★

Explained clearly, very friendly – someone you would trust enough to go back to. Thanks doc.

Janvi Shrma about Dr Niraj Vora – ★★★★★

Doctor is excellent, he is not only listen and understand my problem but also very friendly and makes me comfortable.

Sherin S about Dr Niraj Vora – ★★★★★

Doctor was good and I am satisfied with the doctor.

Aashi Vishnoi about Dr Niraj Vora – ★★★★★

Doctor was Good and I am satisfied with the doctor but consulting charges is very high..

Hansaben Mistry about Dr Niraj Vora – ★★★★★

I consulted the doctor. The doctor prescribed me some very good medicines.

Deepak Kumar about Dr Niraj Vora – ★★★★★

Doctor was Good and suggested Medicines for 3 Months, and told to consult again.

Shobhana Shah about Dr Niraj Vora – ★★★★★

Doctor was excellent. He suggested me to do the knee replacement surgery and he did the surgery. The surgery is very well done. I am satisfied with the treatment. Thanks to DocSuggest and thanks to the doctor.

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