Yasmin Kotadia Reviews on Dr Niraj Vora

My wife Yasmin age 60 was suffering from Knee Joint Pain for more than 10 years, she tried all types of medicines available for the treatment, the pain would subside for a short while only to return back more severely, she had lost all hopes of recovery and felt discomfort in her routine life which made her depressed, then we decided to go for Knee Transplant Surgery but we were not sure whether it would be successful or not?, after consulting more than 3 doctors we placed our trust in Dr. Niraj Vora because of his true response to all our queries, she was operated for one knee in December 2009 & for the second one in December 2010, the use of walker was limited to the hospital as at home she did not require them. In fact she came walking on her own during the stitches removal on both the occasions, she owes her renewed passion for life to dr. Niraj Vora, may God bless him & give him success to treat many more patients.