Physiotherapy Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis | Dr Niraj Vora

Osteoarthritis, in simple it is OA, is a degenerative joint disease which is commonly found in older women and men. It is more of pain, rather calling it a disease and it can be symptomized by soar joints, pain after extended periods of activity or inactivity. OA can be caused in any part of the body which weighs heavy weights, which are generally spine, hips and knees. As per the studies, these pains are commonly developed in women and overweight individuals. There are many ways of treatments like physical therapies, osteoarthritis exercises, weight-loss programs, injections and surgery – which are performed differently to every individual according to his/her body type.

Let us observe and learn some therapies and exercises for knee pain which are immediate pain relievers.

Apply heat packs: It is an inexpensive and the easiest way to reduce the pain. However, it is important to know how to use the therapy for speedy relief. Heat relaxes the muscles and relieves from the joint stiffness and hence it is applied before starting the activity. Physiotherapy for knee pain through heat works better when combined with physical activities. It should be warm but not hot, and the application intensity depends on the pain location. A right therapist could sense the affected muscles and make the heat penetrate through the joints for the extended period of time.

Exercises: Here is a myth that exercising will cause further damage to the joints and will cause harm than good. However, clinical researches proved that physical activities are the most beneficial effective method for OA. Below are some of the exercises which can be performed by knee osteoarthritis patients.

Hamstrings: Hamstring is nothing but muscles from thigh to knee, stretching those muscles gives much relief and eases the knees. There are many ways to do hamstring exercises. However, some of them are very effective and gives fast relief. Stand and straighten your leg while placing your heel on a step and slightly bend your other leg. Stretch should not give you pain, so lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch. Don’t stretch further if it pains. Hold it for ten seconds and come back to the normal position. Repeat it with the other legs and practice it five times in a day.

Massage Therapy: Who doesn’t love a rub down? A nice massage anytime is a great stress relief. It is important to treat knees with care as there are primary weight-bearers of your body. It not only allows blood to get into the muscles but also takes the pressure off those nerves and eases them. Experts say massaging is a kind of exercising as an amount of physical activity is done. Maintaining correct posture and wearing loose clothing helps therapy session to go smooth. Massage can be given to the patient with or without lubrication depending on the type and intensity.

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