4 Proven Tips to Reduce Knee Pain in Old Age

Knee pain has to be the most common concern among older adults worldwide. Every man and woman in their senior adulthood are bound to experience and encounter a variety of knee pain along the way. The majority suffer in silence, and few make efforts to get them sorted unsuccessfully.

Knee pain becomes the major hindrance in performing the daily routine, drastically reducing the quality of life. We have seen our elders suffer, and we need not go through the same. We do not need to let the debilitating knee pain impact our senior years. With inputs from knee pain specialists in Mumbai DR Niraj Vora, we provide you with a few proven tips that can enhance mobility, improve your knee health now and reduce the risk of severe knee pain in old age. Read on:

Regular Exercise: “Exercise is a non-negotiable activity if you want to improve your knee health,” says the best knee surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora. We understand that not every knee can stick to high-impact exercises; one need not either.

One can easily choose low-impact knee exercises, including walking, cycling, elliptical training, or even yoga. High-impact activities like jumping, running, or resistance training are suitable for people with sufficient training and knee health.

Warmup Routine & Footwear: A proper warmup and appropriate footwear are two essential aspects to consider when adopting an active lifestyle. “Joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons lose their elasticity as we age, and one needs to warm them up before indulging in any activity,” says Dr. Niraj Vora. And while doing so, have the right footwear to absorb the shock on the knee joints by providing the right cushioning and stability.

Maintain a Healthy Weight:  By supporting your daily movements and engaging in high-impact activities while constantly bearing the weight, the knees would have taken a beating. These overworked knees will need relief, and the best way to liberate them from such constant stress is to lose weight.

Every kilogram of body weight gained will put 3 to 5 times the amount of stress on the knees. So a 5 kg weight gain stresses the knee joint by 15-25 kg. So the easiest way to optimize your knee health is to strengthen them while gradually reducing joint stress. We advise you to maintain a healthy weight by making healthy lifestyle choices to improve knee health and longevity.

Leverage Assistive Devices & Consult a Knee Specialist: Senior adults often ignore the help provided by assistive devices. While few do not know they need these devices, others ignore them by overestimating their knee health.

Assistive devices greatly help improve knee health by providing adequate support and reducing the pressure and shock absorbed by the knee. When older adults ignore them, our daily movements can put more pressure on vulnerable knee joints, further deteriorating their health and causing severe problems.

Assistive devices can significantly help senior adults, and a knee specialist can assist them in choosing the correct device after carefully diagnosing knee health. A knee specialist can identify the problems and the current state of the knee to provide a tailored approach to protecting the knee and help you improve its mileage. If you are in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora is the best knee replacement surgeon and knee pain specialist in Mumbai, specializing in enhancing knee health with proven tips and remedies. You can contact him here: +91-22-6686 8600