Hip Treatment

Diagnostic Techniques for Hip Synovial Membrane Issues

Hip synovial membrane issues involve inflammation, tears, or other abnormalities affecting the synovial membrane, a thin lining that surrounds the hip joint. A synovial membrane is a thin lining that surrounds the hip joint and is responsible for lubrication and nourishment of the joint. The most frequent issues are inflammation of the synovium, synovial cysts, […]

Hip Avulsion Fracture Treatment in Mumbai

Hip avulsion is a rare and severe fracture, usually suffered by athletes. While it can happen to anyone, this fracture occurs due to a sudden burst of movement or forceful contraction. Athletes, due to their nature of movement, are at a higher risk. The treatment for hip avulsion fractures, like every other fracture, varies based […]

Hip Tendonitis Causes and Treatment

Hip tendinitis is a painful hip condition commonly suffered by athletes and sportsmen. It starts as a sharp, dull, or aching pain, and hip tendinitis may worsen with movements like walking, running, or climbing stairs. Over time, the pain may also manifest at rest, accompanied by swelling, tenderness, muscle weakness, and stiffness of the hip […]

Treatment of the Infected Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is a prevalent intervention that aims to mitigate discomfort in the hip region and enhance physical movement capabilities. In certain instances, the hip replacement may encounter an infection that can result in notable discomfort and potentially grave complications. This article will delve into the remedial measures for a contaminated hip replacement and […]

Hip/Femoral Anteversion: Causes and Treatment

Femoral anteversion (Hip Anteversion) is a condition in which the angle between the thigh bone (femur) and the neck of the femur is increased, causing the thigh bone to rotate inward. This inward rotation can cause the legs and feet to turn inward as well, resulting in a condition known as “in-toeing.” It is a […]

Hip Labral Tear Causes and Treatments

A hip labral tear is a painful hip injury that can happen either suddenly due to injury or can develop over time due to repetitive motions. It can happen to anyone at any time and may eventually lead to surgery depending on the severity and underlying cause of the labral tear. Because it is both […]

What Is a Pelvic Osteotomy for an Acetabular Dysplasia?

Acetabular dysplasia is a hip disorder that is caused by a shallow hip socket which fails to provide the right coverage for the ball of the hip joint. When the femoral head (ball) doesn’t get enough coverage, it tends to rub & damage the hip joint’s labrum and internal cushion lining. This internal rupture can […]

Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO): Hip Surgery

Reinhold Ganz popularized Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) for the treatment of hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the femur or thigh bone is not connected with the pelvis causing the hip joint to be slightly dislocated. This can result in different leg lengths or limping. This condition can be genetic or a person can […]

Childhood Obesity a Major Link to Hip Diseases

Childhood obesity is when the child weighs more than what his age should normally weigh. Childhood obesity has long term and immediate health outcomes. Parents think it is fine as long as the children are eating and enjoying themselves. However, this excessive and unhealthy eating could lead to some serious health issues. Obesity is not […]

Snapping Hip Syndrome Causes and Treatment

The hip joint is one of the most complex joints in the human body. It’s made up of many small bones and ligaments that allow different movements of the leg. When pain occurs in the hip joint, it’s usually due to a condition called Hip Strain. When you move, the socket of the hip flexes […]