What to Expect After Hip Replacement | Dr Niraj Vora

Hip replacement surgery is the most common joint replacement procedure for replacing the diseased hip joints with artificial material. Hip replacement surgery is performed by an expert surgeon who has the perfect understanding about the anatomy of the hip. Hip arthritis is found in many patients, but it is quite difficult to quickly arrive at a decision of performing a hip replacement surgery. People have a lot to know, as the doubts keeps creeping in their mind regarding the surgery and it’s after effects.

Dr Niraj Vora explains about what a patient can expect after hip replacement in quick note to address to the various alarming enquiries regarding the surgery, its pro and cons. According to Dr Niraj Vora, the patient can walk the next day after surgery and can go home in 5 – 7 days. He further adds, hip replacement surgery does not eliminate hip pain immediately after the surgery. The gnawing severe pain that patient had suffered will be reduced and replaced by the surgical pain that can last up to 6 – 12 weeks. Pain medication is advised to the patient to reduce the surgical pain also.

Dr Niraj Vora expresses so as many patients are in view that they can just become as normal as earlier after getting out of the hospital. Yes, they do become but it needs a good amount of time and patience for the surgical pain to settle down. You can have an occasional pain in your new hip while walking and performing other activities.

Dr Niraj Vora also makes sure to inform that only the damaged joint surfaces are replaced and the surgeon has not done anything to the patient’s muscles or ligaments or any soft tissues that have equally damaged by the joint disease.

He ensures the benefits of joint replacement lastly by saying if healed properly the patient should be able to experience some, or all, like reduced joint pain, correction of deformity, for example, unequal leg length and improved quality of life by allowing the patient to do daily activities in greater comfort.

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