How to Prevent Knee Arthritis While Running?

Knee pain is potentially one of the most common conditions experienced by runners. Add the wear and tear of cartilage in the seniors, the knee pain is bound to happen. This high impact activity will surely affect your knee joint in years to come. But the good news is that you can simply manage or even prevent your knee pain by making slight changes in your running and your lifestyle.

Here are the five simple tips for people who would like to manage or even prevent their knee pain while continuing their running:

Get your running technique right:

Running is good for knees but most people complain about how their running’s putting pressure on their joints. But in reality, it’s not the running but it is the way your run that is giving a hard time to your knees aggravating your knee pain. Look at your foot strike while you run: does your heal land first or your mid-foot? If it is your heal, you are putting a lot of pressure on your knees, do make sure you convert your rear-foot strike (heal) to mid or front foot strike.

But the front foot strike is known to cause a slight pressure on calf and Achilles tendon, so it is advised to make the transition as slowly as possible.

Take a mild lean position while running:

The position you take while you run affects the way your body absorbs the pressure off the ground. Instead of the upright position you tend to have while your run, a mild forward lean is proven to increase the running economy making runners more efficient. When performed correctly this slight forward lean is found to decrease the stress on the knee joint. Making this change yourself is a tad difficult it is better to take a professional help.

Get the right fit shoes:

Just like exercise and diet, getting the right running for your feet happens to be one of those basic healthy choices you could make for your body. There are approximately 33 joints made up of 26 bones supported by 19 muscles and 107 ligaments they work in tandem to absorb the shock off the ground. When the shoe you pick is the not the right fit for you, your condition could worsen and even lead to the knee replacements and knee surgery in worst cases. Picking the right pair of shoes depending on your feet’s arch or pronation (under or upper) goes a long way in decreasing the stress on your joint and foot pain during your runs and assures your Knee Health.

Build Muscle:

Muscles are your saviours, why? Because they take a load off your joints. So if you are short of the muscles obviously your joints will bear the brunt. So given we are more focused on the alleviating the knee pain, strengthening your hips and core helps your knee joint. And strength training is the best way to bolster your hips and core to aid your running. You need not go for heavy stuff, start your training with planks and medicine ball rotations etc.

Add Variety to your Regimen:

Yes, running with proper form and gear can help you a lot in improving your overall health. But when you resort to only running as your physical activity your benefits could gradually subside; at the end of the day running is high impact activity, isn’t it? So you can spice up your routine by alternating your daily routine with low-impact activities like swimming, walking or even cycling is a sure shot way for healthy knees.

Take Medical help:

Arthritis is a condition that requires an expert diagnosis so that you can come up with even better ways to relieve the knee pain while you enjoy your runs!

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