Irritable Hip Syndrome Treatment in Mumbai

The irritable hip syndrome, also known as acute transient synovitis among orthopedic specialists, is referred to as the condition of the hip joint being inflamed and swelled up. It is usually seen in children of age 3 to 10 and affects boys more than girls. The syndrome is called irritable for a reason- the pain from the hip is likely to spread to knees as well as thighs and hampers the convenience of young ones. Though not as severe as other medical conditions, the irritable hip needs to be addressed to avoid the excruciating pain in any movement.

What causes an irritable hip?

  • Infections: A viral infection might cause the body to react to it in a certain way that gives rise to inflammation in the hip. This inflammation around the hip is the cause of this medical condition.
  • Physical trauma: Children fall and injure themselves a lot in their growing years. While most injuries are harmless, some physical trauma might lead to damage and inflammation around the hips.

Signs of the irritable hip syndrome

There are many signs and symptoms to look out for when concerning irritable hip syndrome. The major ones are:

  • The child faces difficulty in standing or limps when trying to do so
  • Prolonged pain in the thigh, knees, hip, or groin
  • If the child is too young, they might refuse to walk.

Treatment of the irritable hip syndrome

  • The treatment of this condition depends entirely on the severity of the syndrome. If the pain and discomfort in the hip area are mild and tolerable, heating and massaging the affected area might do the work. Exhausting movements and heavy exercises are to be strictly avoided until the patient is completely fine again.
  • However, if the pain keeps increasing or the discomfort fails to go away even when the person is at rest, it is advised to see an orthopedic specialist in India. The treatment by the orthopedic specialistmight include a prescription of painkillers to relieve the discomfort. In some cases where no signs of improvement are seen or the patient has a high fever, hip replacement surgery might be recommended.

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