Treatment Options for Knee Bursitis

Bursitis is caused when there is swelling in one or many small fluid sacs that are known as bursae present in a joint. Bursae act as a cushion and support around the bones and tendons. When swelling is observed, it causes a lot of pain and prevents normal movements of the joint. It can be […]

Cryotherapy Reduces Knee Inflammation and Pain

The literal meaning of the term cryotherapy is “cold therapy”. It is a process in which human anatomy is introduced to extremely cold temperatures, as cold as -166⁰ F to -360⁰F which is approximately around 3 to 5 minutes. During this process the blood rushes to the core in order to maintain body temperature. This […]

Advanced Sports Injury Doctor in Mumbai

Injuries are very common in the human body and especially while playing a sport. The rigorous nature of body movements required in sports often creates a risk for an advanced sports injury. A broken bone, a muscle pull, a torn ligament, an injured tissue, etc., and the list of possible injuries can go on. Although […]

Joint Aspiration Procedure (Arthrocentesis)

We all know what injections are, isn’t it? If a person has not heard of arthrocentesis before, they might be surprised to know that there are injections made for a person’s joints as well. The injection is a joint injection and the procedure is known as joint aspiration. So what does a joint aspiration do?  […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis Knee Symptoms

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory disorder and this can affect more than a person’s joint. It can happen to any person of any age. Your healthy tissue will start getting attacked by your immune system. In some people, rheumatoid arthritis can damage various body systems like the skin, eyes, lungs, heart, and blood vessels. It […]

Cemented vs. Cementless Alternatives in Joint Replacement

Due to arthritis, many may suffer from chronic pain. The joints often become weakened and damaged for age-related problems or calcium or phosphate deficiency. If the condition gets serious, it is called osteoporosis. In such a situation, joint replacement specialist India would use artificial joint prostheses to replace the damaged joint surfaces. These prostheses need […]

Anterior Hip Replacement vs Posterior Hip Replacement

Total Hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgical procedures that has provided relief and restored mobility for millions of patients suffering from hip arthritis worldwide. Over the years multiple approaches were developed to access the hip and perform the hip replacement surgery. In this blog, we help you understand hip arthritis and […]

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Collateral Ligament Injuries

Among hundreds of knee injuries treated Orthopaedic surgeon by Dr Niraj Vora every year– ligament injuries grab a major share. Anterior, Posterior, Collateral ligaments are three main types of ligaments in the knee that can get injured due to sudden twist, stretch or blow to the knee most commonly during sports activities. Each ligament is […]

Robotic Knee Replacement in Mumbai | Dr Niraj Vora

Knee replacement surgeons and researchers around the globe are continuously working on advanced knee surgery procedures that provide long-lasting relief and short recovery for osteoarthritis patients. Robotic knee replacement surgery which has been a front runner of these advanced knee surgery procedures has successfully established its efficacy in helping arthritis patients and can now be […]

Knee Replacement Surgery for Women: Are Women More Prone to Knee Osteoarthritis than Men?

Over the last few decades, it was evident that women were being more prone to these ACL injuries than men, especially among the athletes. However, according to a recent study, this increased risk is not just limited to ACL tears but for almost all types of knee problems caused by osteoarthritis – knee pain, ache, […]